and remarketiing

As a Partner of Google, we can give you € 75, after an initial €25 expenditure, to test the search engine advertising tool most used in the world.

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Consulting and accounting, tax and labour consultancy located in Vilassar de Mar.

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Neurorehabilitation Centre specialists in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, stroke, dementia or Parkinson's

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Nuria Santigosa pharmacy sells on the internet KOT diet products.

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Mobile and tablets

Our designs are already implemented, so that their websites will show up not only in computers but also in all the smartphones and tablets.

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user friendly websites

We promote the usability of their websites, so that they are not only colorful, they also be "friendly" to search engines and enhance as well positioning.

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Welcome to our website about website positioning

seo-cabecera SEO services company, is the subsidiary of Bcnseoconsulting dedicated to the positioning of web, blogs, social networks and online stores.Have spent many years working with companies in Mataró (Barcelona) and region, driving up their Web sites to the top.

If you want to have the same positioning than large firms, but at highly competitive prices, so just get in contact with us.

Also as Google Partners that we are, we can give him €75 so try the advertising service Adwords of Google, just with a payment of € 25, you can enjoy $ 100 in advertising. (It does not include the cost of our services).

We create and design their websites, highly focused on positioning-ready devices smartpones and tablets.And remember that it is not enough to have a website, also there are to be visible!

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What is SEM?

SEM (search engine marketing).

It is, in short, to appear in top positions in search engines, but this time yes, paying. (Adwords, Facebook, etc...).

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What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization).

It consists of "placing" a website in the top positions for a given search, naturally without paying the search engines.

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What is the SMO?

SMO (search media optimization).

Social networks are used for positioning of organic form, i.e. without paying. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, etc...).

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