1- Keywords


Identification of keywords.

To get to be among the first results of the search engines, the keywords identification phase, probably is one of the most important.

The first step that any user makes when it comes to a search engine, is to introduce key words through which, will try to find the information and the most relevant companies about the topic you are looking for.

In a second step, the search engines will present a series of results, which will be based on key words entered by the user.

And finally, what companies wanted, is to be in these top positions, so that users can find them.

As a result, our website must be relevant to the keywords that potential customers we seek.

If someone searches for 'flowers', looking for a flower shop to buy a bouquet of roses? Is a student who must do a job on the flowers? Anyone seeking information about techniques to make your garden plants to grow more beautiful? However, if someone searches for 'flower shop', 'buy flowers', 'sale of flowers', etc., there are no doubts about its objectives.

ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM SEO services company, offers the possibility of making the study of the most relevant keywords, and optimize your website according to these, since it is not out in the first results of the search engines for anyone seeking or words that are not relevant to our business.

Request a quote and we will make you the list of keywords that best match your business. As we have just seen, is without any doubt, an important part of the optimization of face to search engines. Let us help you and together we will decide what pages and with what words is carried out optimization, thus, achieve to be among the top positions of search engines.