4 - Search Engine Positioning


Search engine positioning

Search engine positioning is an expression that has become familiar among those who have a website and want to increase the number of visits.

It is an emerging field, aimed at obtaining outstanding positions and can be for you, one of the most effective modes of communication.

It is shown that the search engines, they are the first place where potential customers are directed. According to studies, 80% of users come to search engines when they want to find something on the web.

The search engine positioning is a type of online marketing which gives users a high level of effectiveness. According to studies, users expect to find at the top companies leading in their market, those that bring you the best solution to your preferences.

The search engine positioning, is not perceived as something manipulated or you can buy with money, on the contrary, they are pure results, which comes out best agrees with searching and which will better cover expectations, to purchase conversion rate is therefore higher.

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