How do we do it? - Website Positioning


We felt a need to create a code of ethics for the design of Web pages, since there is a lot of literature, in reference to the positioning and high in search engines. ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM SEO services company, makes no false promises and always used techniques not penalizables by the search engines. That is why, that:

We can not guarantee first position.

Companies who are really dedicated to the positioning cannot never guarantee the top positions, in terms of positioning, since no one can guarantee the result of something that is not handled.
We say this, since these promises are very common in the design of Web pages, in order to generate greater confidence.
You must be very careful in trying to deceive the search engines with prohibited practices, because there is a risk that we expelled and we desaparezcamos of these.

We will not use any kind of action that we can penalize

Our working system prevents the use of redirects to pages optimized "doorway pages". That this system, in the event that the customer stops paying, aborts this redirect and thus disappears from the rankings. We want to get rankings in the long run, even when we are not paying.
Nor will use techniques of cloaking, hidden text, or artificial, nor cross-linking popularity... any kind of technique, which can jeopardize our position in the search engines.

More quality, that does not amount to the register in search engines

We could sign for a very large number of search engines, but this requires a software, and these are banned by the search engines. We only make manual high and stick to guidelines for each search engine. It should take into account, that six or seven most important search engines, have almost 90% of the traffic on the internet.

We do not guarantee permanent positions

The search engines are continually evolving, and add content and change their ranking criteria, periodically. Therefore, no one can guarantee that you will always keep you in the first position. What if we can guarantee you, it is the realization of a continuous monitoring and incorporating appropriate changes, in order to continue to appear in the top positions.

Ultimately, ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM SEO company offers, what page optimization for users and search engines, for as well, to enhance the business of our customers always thinking in the long term.